10 Essential eye care tips during summer.

Proper eye care during summers is essential. Here are some ways to protect your eye in summer.

1.Wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV  protection while you are out in the sun .

2.Wear a broad brimmed hat that deflects sunlight from all sides and gives some relief to the eyes.

3.Avoid direct Air-condition air and fan , it can lead to dry eyes.

4.Avoid midday sunshine and try to stay inside especially during later mornings and afternoons.

5.Chlorine that is mostly found in swimming pools can have an adverse effect on your eyes so try to wear goggles every time when you go swimming.

6.It’s always better to use some kind of eye drops to hydration, minimize pain or manage other eye problems.

7.While applying sunscreen , caution should be taken to not apply to close to the eye.

8.Try to eat all the fresh fruits and vegetables like leafy greens ,broccoli and zucchini ,which protect your eyes from damage and degeneration.

9.It is very important to keep  your eyes hydrated. Always drink adequate water a day to prevent hydrated eyes.

10.It is imperative to get a good sleep. This will provide your eyes with adequate rest.